Blockchain technology – Race to earn

Kaka Racers stands out by offering a specialized racing experience with immediate NFT rewards that directly enhance gameplay. Its uniqueness lies in the fusion of racing excitement and the play-to-earn model, making it a compelling option for those who enjoy racing games and want to earn rewards simultaneously.

FDSSoft has created maps based on real-world countries, along with six types of skills inspired by natural elements to enhance the excitement of the game. Additionally, we have established a marketplace where users can exchange and trade NFT items and in-game items they earn after completing races. Furthermore, we have introduced a dedicated cryptocurrency for this exchange platform, which can be exchanged for existing cryptocurrencies on the market.

Our platform is built with a customer-centric approach, ensuring that the needs and preferences of our users are always at the forefront. We listen to client feedback, consider your suggestions, and adapt our offerings accordingly. Their satisfaction is our top priority.


Mr. Tống Hoài Dân CEO FDS Soft: “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Joining C-talk, Mr. Tong Hoai Dan shared the Digital Transformation of Viet Nam Bussiness. Besides that, he also shared with us the challenges and advantages of Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0 and the impact of Covid-19.

Founder of FDS Soft, and Co-founder of 365 FDS

Mr. Tong Hoai Dan is known as the founder of FDS Soft, a 15-year-old company in the field of digital application development. FDS Soft has been involved in the development of multiple applications, including blockchain, AI, and Web 3.0.

Mr. Tong Hoai Dan has over 20 years of experience in counseling other businesses worldwide. He has also advised companies on digital transformation deployment, including those who have joined the DT Community with WHO, Roche, Novartis in Switzerland, and Megafan Corporation in Germany.

Recently, FDS Soft and 365 Group joined forces and founded 365 FDS. Leveraging FDS Soft’s experience in digital transformation and 365 Group’s expertise in logistics, they aim to revolutionize the delivery and transportation system, with the goal of creating a promising future for a community delivery ecosystem.

Digital Transformation and Responsibility

Prior to the strong impact of Industry 4.0 and the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years, digital transformation had become the goal of most businesses. Mr. Dan believes that the digital market in Vietnam is very promising, full of opportunities for growth and development, particularly with a young and explorative workforce. However, he also emphasizes that “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” – meaning that there will be many challenges to overcome.

Knowledge and motivation are not problems, but the only thing we need is patience to navigate through these challenges.

In the last 2 months, Mr. Dan officially joined the Vietnam and International Entrepreneur Networking Club (VIENC). To address the challenges faced by Vietnamese businesses, Mr. Dan stated that he plans to work with 365 Group to create an ecosystem that serves as an example of digital transformation.

Furthermore, Mr. Dan has a grand plan to showcase the strength of FDS Soft by introducing Vietnam’s workforce to the world, also known as “intelligent export”. This model has been successful in India, and if implemented successfully in Vietnam, it has the potential to contribute significantly to the country’s economic growth.


Risk and Fleet Management in Logistic  is about Risk Management and Commercial Fleet Management solution.

With the business processes, digitalization, AI, modern UI and flexibility Vasco has developed a solution which not only takes care of day-to-day business activities of managing a fleet of vessels, chartering in and out but also allows the users to easily view their Risk positions and M2M from a trading perspective.

FDSSoft provides the dedicated team that delivers all perfect timing features of the apps, and constantly work and communicate efficiently with the founders on the solutions. Finally the solution has been on live here