Lion move into the Future

Starting in the summer of 2022, TSV 1860 München will dive into 3D Virtual World and establish a digital presence in the metaverse “Megafanworld” in cooperation with Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. and FDS Soft Co. Ltd. In doing so, the Lions are Bridging the gap between tradition, the real world and the virtual world. The goal with this is to also tap into younger target groups and take advantage of the opportunities for interaction between club and fans in the virtual world.

Megafanworld is a metaverse based on the Stellar Blockchain. It includes interactive games, various sweepstakes, an NFT (Non-fungible Token) marketplace, a newsfeed and a social media platform.

Soccer fans can interact with each other here, set up a virtual fan room, open a fan wallet, vote on hot-button issues, and engage in many other virtual activities for soccer fans, depending on their interests. Depending on the activity, a fan can move up in the ranking and thus win virtual, material or non-material prizes.

TSV 1860 Munich will have a strong presence in the Megafanworld. Munich’s city and stadium surroundings, the stadium as well as central points of contact for fans such as the club pub are realistically recreated in D in the virtual environment.

The platform offer Löwen fans completely new ways to interact with their club. This is primarily intended to appeal to a younger target group that is at home in virtual networks.

Starting in summer 2022, fans of the TSV 1860 Munich will be invited to act as community beta testers in Megafanworld and subsequently put their feedback on the experience into words.

In addition, the 1860 Lions NFT series will be released as part of the cooperation. These NFTs will soon be tradable on popular NFT platforms and can be displayed by the holders in their personal Megafanworld fan room.

FDSSoft Partner with 365Group

HCM, Feb 1, 2022. 365 Group and FDS Soft have jointed together to establish the cooperation: 365 FDS Co. Our mission is to delivery the best technology on delivery and transportation software solutions and services. For More Infomation please visit: Download Premium WordPress Themes FreeDownload
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