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We are working, playing, and living in a world that is driven by the smart and vast economy of new technologies. Distances are becoming shorter, spaces are getting smaller, and the world is turning into a university of galaxies. People are traveling beyond the stars. Today, we simply let technology and science open the door to a great future. It will be an amazing world.
Our focus is on creating exceptional products for our customers.
While clients may have great ideas, building a team to implement those ideas is not an easy task. However, they can save at least four times the cost by outsourcing the development of their initial ideas to a dedicated team. With our deep experience in product development, we can offer our clients significant value by providing top-notch technology and market competency.
We are a dedicated, trusted, and great team.
We are a kingdom of great people who strive to make dreams come true and pursue happiness together. We understand that our clients' success and happiness are our own. When we start working with a client, we make a steadfast commitment to them.

Accelerate the growth of your business like never before

We are an organization that works with many top-notch technologies. Day by day, we work towards new successes and gain valuable experiences both in our work and in our lives.


Our Services

Mobile Application

We have extensive experience in providing customers with the best services in MVP mobile app development across various platforms, including Android, iOS, Ionic, and React Native. We can also collaborate with our customers during the UI/UX design phase to create beautiful, user-friendly interfaces that leave them amazed.

Blockchain Applications

Whenever customers need a partner to build apps together, we are there to help. Our expertise in blockchain technology extends across a wide range of applications, including healthcare, education, marketing, art, as well as innovative solutions in blockchain storage, wallets, and dApps.

AR/VR/Games Development

Games are a land of unlimited creativity. Supporting the development of big games is our passion and motivation to explore a second world beyond reality. We have extensive experience in developing Unity games and AR/VR applications.

AI/IOT Solutions

We offer complete IoT solutions, ranging from research on smart homes and device controllers to the installation and setup of full systems in real life. We are experienced in working with Grasberry, Arduino, customized boards, and programming for smart home devices. Additionally, we provide solutions for AI applications such as facial recognition, text recognition (OCR), NLP for fintech (digital asset analysis), and data science for asset investment.

Marketing/Web Development

Our team can support customers in building fast websites, eCommerce platforms, digital marketing games, web applications, web portals, and advertising plugins with intelligent chatbots. We specialize in delivering WordPress, Magento, and frontend solutions (Vue, Angular, TypeScript, etc.) to accelerate your ideas to the market.

Dedicated Team Service

Many companies need to outsource complex software development or cost-efficient startup work to outside teams. FDS understands this need and is committed to providing the best teams for customers who can work with them at any stage, from initial ideas to the delivery of complex products.





We have partnered with NEM projects to share knowledge and provide support for a stronger NEM foundation. We have also contributed to startup development to ensure that NEM is implemented correctly.




FDS and their talented team of developers worked closely with us to define the project’s scope, create a detailed roadmap for the mobile app and backend infrastructure, and successfully delivered a working solution. FDS provided world-class expertise in mobile app development (both Android and iOS), the NEM blockchain platform, and cloud-based server development.

Vega Paithankar



Not only was our company highly satisfied with the output of the work done by FDS, but we also shared many work experiences and discussed certain problematic issues that occurred during the development process. However, FDS managed to handle them efficiently and effectively and surpassed our expectations.

Vasin Thepsoparn

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