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Metaverse – The Global Soccer Community: Where Fans Thrive and Earn

A metaverse designed for soccer enthusiasts, operating on the Stellar Blockchain. Its mission is to build an inclusive online community that unites fans from various football clubs globally. Users can engage with their clubs and fellow fans while earning rewards through community involvement. This interaction-to-earn model enables fans to earn voting tokens, NFT trophies, real-world prizes, and more for their active participation. Activities range from virtual fan rooms and games to raffles, fan wallets, and voting on important topics.

FDSSoft’s primary goal is to create an environment where soccer enthusiasts can come together, interact, and be rewarded for their engagement. We prioritize customer care, quick responses, and a vibrant and inclusive community that values clients’ input and participation. Their enjoyment and satisfaction are our driving force, and we are dedicated to ensuring they have a memorable and rewarding experience in our metaverse.


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