dHealth network wallet

As the main software provider for HIT Foundation, we have delivered following products series for our client:

  1. Centiva Life: is a blockchain-based wallet app for consensual sharing of health information between you and trustworthy organizations that give you a fair reward for using your data
  2. DHP Wallet : provide the full features wallet as a main wallet for any customers of dHealth Network using DHP coin.
  3. Roche super node wallet: The Roche Group (dHealth network client) want to use the HIT Foundation nodes and they need to use the DHP Wallet too for this purpose.


Scope:  The app likes tour guide book. It can help you to plan for the best costs of flights, car, hotels..when travel to a destination.  You can also plan for your activities , trips during the holiday,share you activities, photos, videos..on the travelling experiences.  
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