FDS AI Crystal Eyes


The AI camera will learn all faces of the employees , residentials .. of a building or company. Then whenever a stranger look at the camera, it will show her/his profile or alert if it is stranger. 


Face Timesheet:

Face comparison:





Web, Python, AI Facial Recognization.


VascoSystems – Risk and Fleet Management

VascoSystems.com  is about Risk Management and Commercial Fleet Management solution. With the business processes, digitalization, AI, modern UI and flexibility Vasco has developed a solution which not only takes care of day-to-day business activities of managing a fleet of vessels, chartering in and out but
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AEM + , the wallet for service users

aemalgorithm.io (AUS), the AEM company, has a mission to empower businesses with seamless enterprise-ready tools, providing an infrastructure that prepares traditional industries for the advent of digital transactions using crypto-currency, by providing a system adapted to their needs. FDS Soft is the solution developer for
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dHealth network wallet

As the main software provider for HIT Foundation, we have delivered following products series for our client: Centiva Life: is a blockchain-based wallet app for consensual sharing of health information between you and trustworthy organizations that give you a fair reward for using your data DHP
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