Scope: An event guide mobile applications to help people get connected together like a social network of events/parties. They can create event, invite friends to the event, search/find it on the map , get connected, like , love… each other

Technology: Mobile Android/iOS


Google map /Google cloud

Nearby searching

GPS locations



Scope: Game to hunt monsters, get their eggs create more powerful monsters, use them to attack or defend your towers based on real life map of locations nearby you. Technology: Unity 3D , 3D games, Firebase, GPS locator, Google cloud. Premium WordPress Themes DownloadDownload Nulled
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FDS AI Crystal Eyes

Scope:  The AI camera will learn all faces of the employees , residentials .. of a building or company. Then whenever a stranger look at the camera, it will show her/his profile or alert if it is stranger.    Technology:  Web, Python, AI Facial Recognization.
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Scope:  Allow users to provide personal health data to data seekers by taking the surveys. After sharing that information, users will be rewarded with bonus tokens (HIT token). Moreover users can use the token in HIT.Foundation ecology system to gain more benefits.   Technology:  Mobile:
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